I want to share with you 30 seconds of my life.

30 seconds where i had the chance to make a dream come true. 30 seconds to come with few life’s lessons worth to share and remind ourselves of.

Young, i dreamed a lot of me flying. Each time i was flying in the cloud, i knew it was a dream. The feeling i had was a mix of freedom and control. Free to go where ever i wanted to, i mean to “fly” where ever i wanted to. Controlling my spirit to not connect with my body and waking me up. I was in control of my dream, in control of my life.

I remembered how happy i was when having such a dream. The same joy i had last June when i boarded a plane, went up to 8000 feet and jumped!

Chute libre avec le vent dans la face

30 seconds of free-fall, 30 seconds of joy, 30 seconds. Enough to fill my spirit with good energy.

I wasn’t anxious, hesitant or scared. I wanted to jump, wanted to make my dream true. Most of all, i wanted to feel in control of my life, something we are missing today in our new society.

Many of my friends or family believed i was crazy.

Maybe. It depends on how you define “crazy”. It wasn’t for me a risk i was taking. But being “crazy” always pushed me to do and discover stuff that fear and reason prevent me from reaching.

Don’t let your entourage transfers its fears to you, don’t let fears put doubts in you. Everything is accessible. I admit that the first step is hard but it is the main part of our learning. Just believe in you and let go! Find the right energy in you and around you.

If you believe in yourself, you will be surprised of what you can achieve, what you are capable of and what you can reach. You will be amazed to discover who you really are or can be, to discover parts of you you will never know if you don’t go “crazy”.

And last thing. My wife didn’t want to jump with me. But when she saw the smile on my face when i landed, heard my desire to jump and live this experience again and again, she changed her mind. I am happy i have transferred her my happy feeling and helped her go beyond her fear wall and decide to jump too. It will be her birthday gift from me. 😉

Smile at life and life will smile back at you!

Habib ABI KHALIL – Conseiller – Coach – Entrepreneur. Je travaille avec l’humain, pour développer les entreprises de demain.

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